1 on 1 Training

Working with a trainer isn’t about coming to the gym and having someone teach you to work out (although that is part of it), it’s about a lifestyle change and that’s what we teach. We teach you how to adapt and apply certain habits in your daily life, healthy nutrition, activity, accountability, consistency, proper training, etc. Consistent healthy habits means consistent progress and results.  The ultimate goal is to get you the results you desire and teach you to have the ability to maintain the change and progress on your own.   

Weight loss/fat loss: Drop the excess pounds and get your confidence back. Specialized programs to help you shed the pounds and look great. Stop waiting and start training and be the transformation this year!

Build Muscle:  Specifically designed for you to gain muscle and size.

Body Re-Composition:  Lose fat gain muscle. For people who want to completely change their body by dropping fat and gaining muscle. Also for the athlete or experienced weightlifter who wants to get to that next goal that seems impossible at times. If you already go to the gym and need help to take your body to the next level.

Specialty Training: Senior fitness, youth fitness, prenatal fitness.